Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Think Spring

Even though most of the country is facing snow and ice (we aren't actually - except for what is already enshrouding us.) my brain says spring is on it's way. Because I know, in the city I grew up in, a few brave people are starting to put out pansies and primroses, (though my gardening grandma always said never till after Valentine's Day) and crocuses and popping up. In another few weeks the daffodils will be out and so will the tulips. I love the Northwest in the spring. It's a season we don't have here in this godforsaken frozen hell.

So I am deciding it's not really cold, and to prove my point, I have decided to start planning my garden. Sure, I can't actually plant it till June (JUNE!) but I can plan it out. This is taking some doing, as we will be gone for a month at the beginning of the season here. I'm going to get someone to take care of it a little, (aka water if needed - generally not necessary in June/July here) but I will be leaving these little baby plants on their own to fight off weeds. This isn't as hard as it sounds, since I have raised beds. Believe it or not, raised beds do cut down on weeds. My beds consist of, 2, 4 foot by 8 foot beds, and one 4 foot by 4 foot bed. I'd really like to get a tomato bed lined out and started too, but I have to coordinate that with my personal builder. We'll see how happy he is about that. I personally can't build a box, but he considers it a challenge.

I'm thinking of filling the one 4X8 box with squash, and eggplants. The other, I'd like to do pole beans in. The one 4X8 box, has strawberries and mint along with Egyptian Walking Onions, so it doesn't really have that much room. The 4X4, will get lettuce, spinach, and all the greens along with bush beans. Now, if I don't get my tomato bed done, I'll have to find a place for the tomato and basil too. See? This takes planning. Last year, I never got anything planted, and ended up with volunteer lettuce due to the fact my work was so bad at that point. By the time I got the garden cleared out and ready it was past time to plan. So trip or no trip, gosh darn it, I'm gonna have a garden this year!

The first sunset of February.

Welcome spring thoughts!

Welcome someday the sun feeling warm again!

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