Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Little Abandoned Barn

It was a glorious day yesterday, (still too cold though) and I stopped to take pictures of this little abandoned barn. It sits, overlooking a country road and river, memories of better times. It optimistically has a for sale sign on the property.

The kids were entranced, even though we pass this every day, they had never really looked at it. Who had lived there? Why did it fall? When? And what would someone find inside? All unanswered questions. I always want to make up a story about a farmstead like this, the family who lived there. This one, clearly they had Jersey cows out on these acres, with their soft warm eyes. Maybe a big percheron horse too, to do the fieldwork. A dog, probably a mixed shepherd dog. It makes me think about how this little road I drive every day, was probably once a simple path through the woods bordered by the river.

Devin finally said, 'you know, we should buy this land, and keep it just like it is for people to see'. I told him that's what the pictures are for.

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  1. I really like your reflections on this abandoned barn, Heather. I have been intruiged by old abandoned things since early childhood. Ireland is full of such things--mysterious relics of a byegone era. It sounds like Devin has a similar appreciation. The interesting thing about abandoned structures is that they are not static; they cannot be easily arrested in their decay (except, as you point out, by saving them in a picture). Their decay has a life all its own. My mom could capture the spirit of such places in her poetry, and it looks like you could do the same with photography and a little imagination. Sometimes it's easy to learn why a place or thing was abandoned; other times it takes a lot of detective work. Incidentally, my mom has just had her life-works of poetry published in a two-volume book. Perhaps you could use your photographic talent to produce a book on the theme of abandoned barns and other such places. Perhaps this can be your next career! Stef