Sunday, December 5, 2010

Primrose in December

Adult Choir Concert, very pretty
What a busy day! We had kids events all day, Christmas concerts at their church, and in between the 2 (yes two!) concerts, we ran errands.

We found a tree to admire since we're still treeless

It was really an exhausting day

On the way we found a homeless spinning wheel alongside the road looking for a warm house...

Didn't believe that did you... I didn't think you would.

Rosie and Primrose next to each other
Well, let's just say that Ravelry, a couple wonderful family members, who decided it'd make a great early present and fate brought Primrose home.

She's a Majacraft Little Gem 2. She comes with a travel bag, and comes apart and back together. And she's cute! And portable. And Rosie can stay safely home. The best part though, is she spins like a big wheel, something that is really important with me, I dislike wheels that are difficult or limiting.
Devin spinning at church
Primrose spinning away

So of course, me being me, took her to the choir concert at church and spun in the cafe. Primrose was a hit, and we taught quite a few people about fiber arts. I'm thrilled to have a wheel that I can take places with me easily, to do this with.

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  1. I used to love going to all my children's concerts and plays. I was an orchestra and choir mom. It's what I miss most this time of year.

    Lucky you to now have a second wheel.