Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Think Pink

I really am not a shoe person, actually I've never owned a ton of shoes. I probably now own 6 pairs, this is more than at any time in my life. The reason I now own so many is due to a very small incident. I tried on a pair of Skecher Shape Ups and they really actually changed my life. I know that seems a little dramatic, but it's true. I went from living in constant knee and back pain to being able to bounce my way around a 12 hour shift with no problems. However, using them for work, meant that eventually I had to use them for every day, because otherwise my knees and back objected to the lack of bounciness. Really, at work I was rivaling Tigger. It's so cool.

Eventually this led me to another pair for walking, a couple pairs of sandals, and then of course a pair of boots for the winter. And now, I'd like to introduce you to: Skechers SFT workout shoes. Purchased on sale! as an early Valentine's gift. They're cute, are they not? And supposedly, they will bounce me right into the gym and onto the treadmill. Where they may even allow me to run for more than 40 seconds a lot longer time than I currently do. My hope, is by summer to actually rate a pair of Skechers Resistance Runners, but if you never see those mentioned again, you can forget I said that ok. Just don't ask me how the running is going. If I want y'all to know, I'll tell you.
But I was so happy with my early Valentine's day present! pink shoes! I am nothing if not practial. Leave the pink roses in the garden, bring me pink shoes and some pink yarn for Valentine's day..

And speaking of pink yarn - we were weren't we? I saw on Facebook that my sister is planning on using the yarn that I gave her last summer. The beautiful, amazing, spectacular gradient yarn that I had spun from Corriedale. Kathlyn is a crochet diva and can make amazing patterns out of anything simply using a hook. But unfortunately I have gotten her hooked on good quality yarn, and I live a long ways away. But this summer, I'm gonna teach her how to spin. And we're gonna visit a gazillion yarn shops, and she shall receive a stash. That is, if I ever see pictures of my beautiful yarn crocheted into a beautiful item.. I'm WAITING!
Beautiful Yarn in process

And as last seen before being left in Washington

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