Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's Mawata with ME? What's Mawata with YOU?

The hankies I'm using now: 1.2 oz from The Painted Tiger again
While watching Wednesday Night TV, (I live such a wild life) I started working a little bit on another color and different technique with these silk hankie/mawatas. I pulled these a lot thicker, switched to a size 8 needle, and decided to see just how far I could take this silk.

My new experiment
Now, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there lived a guy named Luke. Oops I digress, it's all the TV tonight. Anyway, a long time ago, I know that the Chinese have long used silk threads for embroidery and tapestry. Silk is much stronger than you would think. So I decided to do a drop stitch scarf. It's turning out really well.
Silk Wars

I would think, someone could get really good with this and actually do really beautiful lacework. The problem, is that silk sticks to everything and pulls out. Once I get this scarf completed, I'm going to do a few tests with this and see how badly it fuzzes out. But soo pretty.

My new Mawata hints:

  • Addi Turbos were working better with this than the bamboo needles I'm using now, the turbos make picking up the stitches a little easier. 
  • Again, remember, don't over draft, you can always draft more later.
  • Cats and mawatas don't mix. Long story here, not worth going into.
  • I am still having problems with my stitch definition, I am really just blaming my mediocre knitting skills for that one.
And finally, did anyone else watch Survivor, Redemption Island? Living alone is hard, will be interesting to see how that works out.. Good knitting TV for the next few months.

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