Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Month End Ramblings

I have a cold - received from the kid who 'didn't have a cold' huh. His subtle coughing and hacking from the non-cold evidently was enough to infect me with a real cold. So the cold, combined with more snow and outside cold has led me to stay home today and watch House Hunters International while cooking Chicken Tortilla soup.

In January, I set some goals. Lets see how I have done so far:

No Fiber purchases till May. Excluding clubs. In May, I have Shepherd's Harvest. A local fiber arts festival. I enjoy shopping there. Fiber purchased before then places my SH fund at risk.* Goal still on track, though I did decide that buying MORE fiber club fiber was ok. I mean really - what if you need a little more than the allotted amount?

Label all yarn and start recording what I spin. Done, though I haven't been spinning much. I have been labeling. I'm the opposite of most people, I am a summer spinner and winter knitter. Weird I know, but it's just who I am.

Enjoy the process more. I am a goal person, not a process person. I'm trying. I still just start to fly through and stop looking at what I'm going and gazing at the end. But I'm trying to slow down a little bit.

Stick to my monthly budget. Last year I succeeded in saving money into long term savings accounts. Now I need to work on a short term savings account. See goal #1 :)
Well this one has gone swimmingly - no job - no money - no spending! There is a method to my madness!

Take some time for myself and my health. I have a health club membership, I need to use it! I have used my gym membership more than I did any of the previous 6 months. That's a start. As for taking time for myself - no job equals lots of time! Though it's turned into plenty of family time, which is a good thing too. To go along with this, I have been focusing really hard on eating healthy. I've been using to track my foods, and that, combined with lessened stress and no greasy restaurant foods have led to 10 pounds of weight loss. Which is a good thing.

And finally, here are some projects I know I forgot to picture up here during January.

Cro-knit fusion scarflette out of handspun BFL from the painted tiger
Drop stitch scarf from Malabrigo Rasta

Drop Stitch scarf from Bubbles yarn

New years night shawl completed with it's crocheted border

Shawl with crocheted border

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