Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Little Ponydoodle!

One reason I always wanted a poodle was because I do love dog grooming. I groom Ramses myself, and it's a work in progress all the time. Dog grooming is an art form along with a functional necessity when you have any dog with hair. I've been learning about dog grooming partially through websites, message boards and Youtube. In the process I've become great fans of some of the dogs that groomers use to showcase their artistic talents. My favorite to watch videos of is Lumi. Lumi is toy poodle, just a few weeks older than Ramses. Lumi is too cute for words. Every time I see a new picture or video I have to fight the urge to run over to New York and pet her, and potentially steal her.

Adding to Lumi's natural charm, is the fact that her mom Pam, who runs Pets By Pam Dog Grooming in Mattydale NY. Pam is a great artist, and also does a great job at training. If I was anywhere near NY I would be over there begging Pam to show me scissor skills and letting Lumi and Ramses play together. Lumi of course always looks amazing, but imagine my shock and surprise when I saw what Pam had managed to turn her into now! Lumi is a PONYDOODLE! A ponydoodle with PINK hair! Seriously, she's like a My Little Pony come to life. A My Little Ponydoodle! A pink and white one! I don't think there has ever been a cuter dog.

Yes, she's really a real dog!

Pink prancing proud ponydoodle!

Clearly this is her good side.

Or maybe this one is

My Little Ponydoodle!
If you want to see more pictures of Lumi you can check her out on her fanclub page, I mean Pets By Pam's facebook page...

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  1. Go PAM! I think you're a great groomer!