Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 Once upon a time there was a little tiger striped kitten. This kitten knew he was really a wild cat, meant to be free, living life where he could chase squirrels and answer to no one but himself. However, he also knew that if he made that choice, it seriously limited the amount of 2.00 a can cat food, grain free super expensive dry food, and sliced turkey he could eat. Not to mention the lack of sugar and cushy blankets. So he decided to find a home with someone who would appreciate his wild side. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.
Bella went right to work taming the wild beast

Neptune found us, and came home, as unexpectedly as most of our critters do. He was a tiny, car sick little kitten with a huge voice who hated to be left alone. Bella was our only cat, and around 9 months old. Let me just say, she was not amused at first. His arrival happened to coincide with Devin getting braces, and somehow keeping this harmless adorable ooshy, cute little kitty was worked into Devin's master plan, and he convinced us that a kid with braces needed a striped kitten.

Testing out handspun Painted Tiger
Neptune may not spin (there was a scary episode with a flyer that discouraged that,) but he does block scarves, and shawls. He also loves to sort through fiber, and is addicted to The Painted Tiger yarns and fibers.
Hard at work making sure it blocks correctly
Sorting out fiber with Mercury
He is also our watch cat. Don't worry about the dogs, pay attention to the seemingly friendly cat who will then get right in your face and hiss. If he doesn't back you right down into a corner first! People are intimated by this. I don't understand why. He's more scared of them - I think.
On guard duty

What a cute innocent little kitten.
Neptune was one of the worst kittens we have ever had, he'd go on rampages, knocking everything down. Come to think of it, he still does. We just don't leave as much out now. He is fascinated by water, and seriously must, absolutely must knock a glass over if it's left out. He can't help it. I blame the fact we named him after the God of the sea.

His fur is as soft as a bunny, or mink, or the softest thing you can imagine. So plush all you want to do is rub it all day. He does bite though, so I caution visitors, and family members against that. Generally not a good idea to touch him much. Unless you know, he's in a good mood.

He loves to give kisses, will spend time licking you hand or arm, purring all the while then all the sudden take a little nip -sometimes not so little. Depends on his mood.

He'll eat anything, though his favorite is maple syrup and turkey. So much for that super high quality grain free cat food they're fed. He's not above trying to intimidate someone out of their food either, by generally bullying them into giving him some - or all. He's actually fascinated by cooking, and loves to sit on top of the fridge and watch me cook. I think it's because I let him watch Ratatouille as a kitten. Others think it's just because he's weird.

So why does he stay? Who would live with a cat with these quirks at best, psychotic episodes as worst. Maybe it's the way he runs up to meet us when he comes home, talking purring and giving kisses.

They love each other still
Or the way he gently cuddles up with Lance.

Or how he insists on sleeping in my room, purring because he's so happy to be in there.

Or how, even when he's in a bad mood he'll let Devin carry him around upside down happy as can be.

He's a great help around the house really.
Or how, occasionally now, he'll stop mid glass knockdown, catch your eye and walk away.

He is beautiful, loving, and extremely unique, even if a little psychotic.  Is there any such thing though, as a common cat?

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  1. MEOW! What a handsome cat Neptune is!

    I agree, no cat is common.

    We used to have a cat that lived on the fridge and watched us cook too, his name was Panic and he'd been a vegetarian cat of a vegetarian person before coming to us. It took him a few months to catch onto the whole meat thing, and even after he did he still broke into the salad and ran off with tomatoes as often as not.