Thursday, February 10, 2011

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In the knitting world is knitting with silk hankies or mawatas. You see, The Yarn Harlot posted on this technique a little while ago, and the entire knitting world started to search mawatas. Now, being more of a spinner than a knitter, I already had a source for mawatas, and even kind of understood the technique. So I quickly snapped up some from my enabling dealer The Painter Tiger who had dyed some to keep up with all trends. Brooke dyes things in the most amazing, wonderful, spectacular colors, and these are no exception. I should add, of course this fit under YARN purchases, therefore still not interfering in my fiber fast till May thing. Clearly this is yarn, that could just be multipurposed into fiber.

My pile o' hankies :)

So I've been playing with this a little bit and so far here are my notes:
A few rows of knitting

  • Err on the side of larger when you pull these apart, it will draft more as you knit, leaving you with a finer yarn.
  • Silk is very strong, don't worry about it breaking, but it sticks to everything. Be prepared. As I type, there is a lone silk strand floating.
  • This is process knitting to the extreme - no hurrying this project. It's gonna be a long time till anything is really made - at least for me - others are probably faster.
  • I am aiming for a loose airy scarf here, no neat and tidy for this one.
  • Silk is so amazing for taking color, there is nothing quite like working with hand dyed silk.
The end of one night and 2 layers. It's about 4 inches long.

     The Painted Tiger still has some beautiful hankies available, I resisted my impulse to buy them all. But I'd hurry - my self control is not generally noted.

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