Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Funny Thing Happen on the Way to the Spinning Wheel

Which had been safely stored away from the cats while on our trip. My yarn stash caught my eye. My poor little neglected yarn stash. We had bought small containers to store yarn in, but popped the yarn into it rather haphazardly. Nothing labeled, nothing organized. Wrong on so many levels!

So, out came the containers, and all the yarn to sort.
Neptune works hard containing potential runaway yarn
I sorted by type (commercial vs handspun), and then by color in the handspun, or brand in the commercial. I counted yardage and recorded it on a slip of paper. Then the containers were labeled, and the slip with all the yarn in it, sealed inside.

I ended up with over 100 skeins of handspun recorded and stashed, and around 25 high end commercial yarns. I didn't record the acrylics that live on the bottom shelf, and I know there's more handspun hiding somewhere. But it's a start!

And now I can spin with a clear conscience, I'm just gonna need a bigger closet! Or a yarn store...

Which container does the yellow go in again?

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