Tuesday, February 15, 2011

40 and Flowers

Pretty Roses
I did end up with a nice Valentine's day, albeit a selfish one as I didn't get out to buy anything, and definitely didn't cook the dinner I had planned. Ah well, I can make dinner later. I did make it to the kitchen today, which is downstairs. Twice. That, is progress!

Instead I stayed home and watched TV while my wonderful boyfriend brought me flowers, takeout, and a card. It was actually relaxing and pleasant. I still feel bad about the delayed homecooked dinner though...

Meanwhile it's 40 degrees outside for the 3rd day in a row, and my poor dogs sit by the door and wait for me to take them for a walk. Life sucks.

But flowers are fun - though any fresh flowers (or dried, or silk, or plastic, really even pictures of them) have to be guarded here. As in taken from room to room. I wonder why?

Mercury says he's just smelling them

I can't understand why we have problems with flowers...

I hope everyone had a great day and ate lots of chocolate. It's good for you after all, science even says so!

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