Saturday, April 27, 2013


AKA 5 yards of compost.

5 yards of compost equals approximately 5000 wagon loads. I am talking a small wagon here, a yard wagon, deeper but the same width and length of a radio flyer. Who would move 5 yards of dirt with a wagon ? The same person who mows an acre of grass with a walk behind mower that's who. Namely me.

My week has been spent hiking through the grass towing a wagon full of rich lovely compost. I've filled my garden beds, planted trees, topped off flower beds, transplanted, and weeded till my arms are about to fall off. There is still compost left. I have faith in myself. Faith that this is NOT like the time I over ordered chicken by confusing 4 cases with 40. Or like the guy who I bought gooseberries off of who ordered 500 instead of 50. No, I know I will use every inch of 5 yards of compost. I am just not sure I will ever be quite done hauling it.

However, it is a meditative job. Working out under the sun, while birds flit around talking to each other about the spring weather, the ocean murmurs in the background and the breeze rustles the leaves in the trees. Watching a bunny hop around, or a duck race after a bug and discover some grass. It's just me, and the dogs. And the mountain of compost. I spend a lot of time thinking of my Grandma, who spent her life tending living things, both to support her family, and also for the sheer joy of watching things grow. I think of my mom who tended growing things, as a teenager working in the fields, and then as an adult tending the minds of preschoolers. And I think of how gardens link us as a glimpse of our soul visible to others. Each one is different, showing the colors and personalities living in us (yes I said personalities - is anyone, only one personality? To quote Jacqueline Kirby -each person is at LEAST 12). My soul is evidently large, slightly haphazard, a little weedy but very enthusiastic.

The yard is starting to look lovely though, the tulips are just bursting with happiness, and even the daffodils are hanging on. The entire world is happy that it's spring. Most of all me. Because armed with a shovel, a wagon, and a mountain of compost, we will make things grow, flourish and live in this garden.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Wasn't Joking

I really did go play outside. I still am. While simultaneously giggling and feeling guilty for those still stuck in the frozen tundra - which is evidently NEVER going to unfreeze, I have been reveling in springtime in the evergreen state! Glorious spring that makes up load the car up with plants, haul dirt, buy ducklings to eat slugs and dream of the fact that only sunshine and roses await us. Sure, there are raindrops too - rain makes the flowers grow after all...

So here is a recap of the past month - ok 2. Who is counting anyway?

Built a potting bench.

Crocus bloomed

Lots of them

Staging a yard takeover

Garlic, elephant and otherwise is growing

Kale overwintered

So did lettuce

Azaleas burst out

Bleeding hearts bloomed

Daffodils danced

So happy in their new beds

And we got a slug patrol
I  currently have a huge amount of plants sitting outside to be planted, and I am ordered 7 yards of compost tomorrow. Yup. It's spring - outside the Frozen Tundra that is!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Out of Office

I will be out of the office for the next few days due to gorgeous sunshine, springlike temperatures, and blue skies in the neighborhood. I have seeds, I have dirt, and I am going to bask in the sun.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


 I started this week with great expectations of remodeling the house. OK, not really remodeling, my goal was to paint, and then hang pictures on the wall. I mean, I've been here almost 8 months, and 'I'll work on the house when it's rainy' has gone on and on and on. I underestimated  the fact that YES it does rain, yet it doesn't rain non stop. The few really rainy days here have been spent shopping, cleaning the garage (I swear the garage breeds empty boxes), or once in awhile doing nothing. Nothing is not overrated.

So this week dawned sunny but I was determined. And I have been VERY productive!

I have:

Cleaned under the rabbit cages.
Built another flower bed.
Planted 100 bulbs.
Cleaned the porch.
Stared at my vegetable beds hopefully.
Made - not placed but filled out a wish list - of seeds.
Researched fruit trees.
Moved a shelf.
Groomed the rabbits.
Spun yarn.
Groomed the poodle.
Organized one drawer.

Finally yesterday I was bound and determined. I went shopping. Not for paint, I'd scrapped that idea, I mean, I had no time left in this week. Well, and I'd realized I couldn't really move the bed. I think we may have glued it to the floor. But anyway, I was going to get some new organizy things, and put up pictures. So I went to the store.

This is what I came home with:

Three fruit trees. Well, and 16 packages of flower seeds.

I am hopeless. I am destined to do outside things. Housework makes me frustrated and not happy. I am not bad at it, I am artistic at hanging pictures, good at decorating. But let's get real, unless I am decorating a garden, I do not get enjoyment out of it.

I can be frustrated, and try to change myself, or I can accept it. Be as I am, love myself for me. Me is a girl flitting around in a garden talking to the trees, enjoying the animals, watching plants grow and dreaming of a labyrinth herb garden. Me is not someone who spends hours picking out curtains.

And I did get hooks for pictures, and a white board, you know, to write things on. I will put them up tomorrow. Right after I plant the trees....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spinnish Contents

My long awaited Dyakcraft needle set came right after New Years -
I do not think I am a good enough knitter to use these. Maybe they
will magically improve my knitting. Doubtful.

My rabbits are supplying me with plenty of fiber to spin..
The 2 on the left are English Angora - 2 on the right shiny satin.

Totally in love. Both with the rabbits, and the spinning.
Like a compulsion. Must - Spin - More - Angora! I keep running
out, which makes me want more rabbits, kind of like spinning crack.

Ramses is just addicted to yarn. No fear - this was cheap cotton.
The Angora is kept under lock and key.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Like the title? I thought it was pretty unique myself.

It's funny, the ritual of the changing of the year. We think all the sudden everything will be better, easier, we'll right all the wrongs and get a new start.

Of course, in reality, life is what you make of it. Do we change life, or does life change us? The years and the lessons we learn might be hard but overall it's the fun we have along the way, not the destination the lies in store. We can't be sure of our future, but we can be sure of our reactions to our present.

I don't know what 2013 holds. I know that last night, we watched the spectacular fireworks show over the Space Needle, and then I woke up to a beautiful sunny day over the peninsula. The ducks were playing on the lake, and the dogs and I went on a 4 mile long walk along the beach and the Discovery trail. We saw people doing Yoga, playing, and meditating. All appreciating this perfect day on their own. And since we are all here and present, 2013 is a perfect year.