Friday, February 25, 2011

Conspiracy Theory and a Random Friday

We have 6 computers in this house. Six of them. Right now, 4 of the 6 are broken. And of the two that are left, one is not recognizing it's DVD Drive thanks to a virus-prevention program - prevents viruses really well if you can't install anything! And the other is a 'work only' pc. This is not fair. I think the end result is we will turn in our desktops for some new laptops. Research is underway.

The bags of fleece are still in the corner. I think I'm going to hold onto a couple of them and add more fleece to the pile. I have yet to decide. This is hinging on my Tax Refund check coming in. Yup that will be telling. Of course first as well, I am taking a long overdue play trip to Detta's Spindle I want to play with wheels and fondle fiber. Then I shall debate the fleece question. I may even take the fleece with me for her opinion. I am undecided.

Tomorrow is movie marathon day again. I must pack my knitting bag. I need to find some more bulky yarn and get ready for scarf knitting. I am excited.

I am still doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I refer to it now as The Twenty Minute Torture. That should be enough of that subject.

The cats are sleeping. It occurred to me that Neptune is almost two years old. Why has he not settled down more? I'm starting to lose faith he will ever seem slightly normal.

I have been eating a lot of frozen fruit lately. Frozen fruit with yogurt, kefir and some protein powder is an amazing smoothie after one of the torture sessions. Just watch the calories - high calories there.

It is March next week. We still have snow. A lot of it. It's still cold, single digits today. The end.

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  1. Neptune is just going through his terrible twos. We went through it with Bootsie. She settled down some at around 5 years old.