Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Price of Pictures

As I have been uploading pictures, I have been dealing with a smaller computer than I normally use, and hotel internet which is spotty and temperamental. So have been slowly sorting through the 1000 pictures I'd taken on this trip and uploading them. Yesterday, after a 2 hour morning beach walk, I went back to work, uploading pictures to Picasa, when suddenly BAM! My memory card corrupted and went blank. It listed 400 pictures, of the 2800 on the card.

There were tears, I am not ashamed to say I cried. My pictures are a big hobby, and one I really enjoy. But after a bit, I pulled myself together enough to Google the issue and download a program. 120.00 later, I had a program, a new memory card, a USB flash drive, and all my pictures restored. At least I have the program if I ever have that happen again.

So, my Disney pictures are a bit out of order, but in any case, here are the rest:

Chocolate cake at the Golden Horseshoe

Pirate Lair

Silly Symphony Swings (they were SO FUN!)

The view from Tarzan's Treehouse

Tarzan's Treehouse (I loved this so much more than the old Swiss Fam Treehouse)


All the birds sing words and the flowers swoon in the Tiki Room!

Main Street

Another horse, I love the horses at Disney

Jungle Cruise

Lavender tree again!


We spent a grand total over 2.5 days of 35 hours in the parks itself. Yes, this did not allow a lot of time for sleeping. But we made it work. The dogs, our loyal travel companions spent the days at the Disneyland Kennel Club with frequent walks. In all my search, I had found no one who had done this, and I was nervous but it worked great. They were in a run with water, and air conditioning, and directly outside was a yard I could exercise them in. They weren't stressed and happily went back every day to their run. The employees were exceptional with the dogs, and with our requests (the same run, a blanket, etc), and it allowed me to not worry about the dogs. At night we walked the mile back to our hotel (or hobbled, depending on the night) where they ate dinner and crashed with us.

And now, for a zillion Disneyland Pictures... Completely out of order, for reasons I will explain in my next post...

The sailing ship


Everywhere there are flowers

First Mickey Bars - and first Disney food!

The Mark Twain with Big Thunder in the background

A little hidden corner in the French Quarter, I love that area!


R2D2 and C3PO in the new Star Tours

The BEST RIDE EVER! We rode it twice, through research, and neither time waited in
the 120 minute lines.

First Matterhorn ride!


The Storybook Ride

It's a Small World!!

It's a small world after all..

I love the castle! Let me repeat, I love the castle!!

Big Thunder

Mickey Cactus! Yes, Mickey cactus!

Mickey waffles on main street!

California Adventures, our first time there!

Cal Screamin' and the Fun Wheel. Which is super FUN

A wild ride

It was perfect!

Small World!

Horse and carriage on main street!

Break time!

All over were these lavender trees! I must move to CA to have a lavender tree!!

The tower ofTerror!

Inside Cal Adventures. I loved this park

Brother Bear

Mickey doing hip hop

Bakery treats

Yes, I found a spinning wheel in Downtown Disney