Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Snow

It's snowing again. Oh how this frozen tundra loves to toy with our emotions, warming up enough to melt a bit of the snow, then refreezing and pounding us with another storm. Though I have a hunch we will fare better than a lot of areas in this storm, it really doesn't matter, it's just the principle of it all.

Yesterday was day 1 of our AMC Best Picture Showcase. It was a lot of fun. Out of the movies we watched:

Toy Story 3 - Really I preferred the first 2, but I think this may just be because in my mind I didn't want Andy to grow up. I am firm in my belief that he should still be little and playing with Buzz and Woody in his room. This is probably more my error than the movie's.

The Kids are All Right - A good movie that I felt could have been better. Mainly by more development of the dad's role, and how he felt his life really was. It was well acted but a little flat.

True Grit - The disappointment of the day. I felt like it was stilted and frankly, there was a situation with a horse in the end I didn't appreciate and didn't feel was necessary. I was prepared to like this movie and really didn't at all. It had some unexpected humor and that was about it.

The Fighter - I was least excited to see this movie and actually it was my favorite. I would love to see it again. Mark Wahlberg was amazing. Especially since I still associate him as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.. Hey, you have to admit that's what you think of too. Not that there is anything wrong with this. Anyway, this movie was emotional, gripping, and beautifully written and performed.

So onto the real question - how much knitting did I get done?

Well, I completed 2 scarves, got a good start on another, and also started something that I think will turn into either a rectangular wrap or else a mobius. If I had stuck to bulky yarn only I think my yield would have been higher. Next week I'm taking an extra pair of big needles and will pre cast on. The casting on in the dark theater wasn't a problem, but finding the right yarn was. So what I ended up doing was finishing one, and then working on my finer Noro scarf for awhile toward the end, then casting on another at the beginning of another movie. We'll see if my theory is correct next weekend.
My pile of knitting

2 scarves are out of handspun, the other is Noro, the green is Araucania Azapa

We got home last night just in time to clean the bathroom and hallway where Cory had puked all over. Evidently he ate 13 or so Lindor truffles. Not a great idea for anyone, but especially not before bed. We weren't sure what was going on last night, but found the wrapper evidence this morning. I was just happy that I hadn't eaten more popcorn at the movies..

Now I must leave you to go download music from Itunes.. It's such a good vibration.. It's such a sweet sensation....."

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