Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lilacs and Lace

Forgive another wordless post

You see, in just a few days I leave for a long ago planned vacation.

We couldn't cancel so off we go. After of course my to-do list
is almost to-done.

I have been building a fence, a garden, planting flowers,
and today, I am reorganizing the garage.

Of course I still found time to take pictures of this beautiful sight.
It's right in the new fenced yard,  something which I am very
grateful for. Afterall, in the midst of chaos, you still need beauty.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Beach...

Is still here

Still beautiful

Still freeing

Still peaceful

Still happily tiring

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Lake

I am finding living on a lake fascinating. The different moods, the colors, watching the mist roll in and out. It feels like we are on vacation, to have this lake behind us, and then just a minute down the road, the Pacific ocean waiting for us to play. And now that we finally have internet access, phone lines, furniture, and the work is done, play is what we shall do!

Looking south

Looking north

The geese are out there!

Morning mist

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Off the Grid

We are here. We are alive, we however are off the grid. Our cable company guaranteed us service by the 20th. They did show up, but only to inform us that it would be at least a month before they could install the cable from the road. Once we called the main office we were told that it should have been surveyed and ran when we ordered it. The installer Shane, said he didn't care if we cancelled it wasn' t his problem. All of this normally wouldn't matter except that Mom works from home. We called Dish network and they came out to install the net only to tell us they couldn't because we had no tv.

On the bright side, we have a family of geese, the dogs love the beach and their yard, the turtle and tortoise are setup and doing well, and the cats are loving their windows.

I am blogging from my phone while waiting for dinner, and the flowers are blooming. Life is good off the grid.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Turtle in the Bathtub and Other Travel Notes

We are 1200 miles closer to our goal. So far the cats are happy, the turtle and tortoise are ok and the dogs are thrilled.

We ha e found out:

Movers are worth every penny.

We have over 6000 pounds of belongings.

Turtles like jacuzzi tubs.

Preparing the cats has paid off big time!

Bella says good night, sleep well, I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

More tomorrow. When we plan to be at the beach!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art of Procrastination

I have 6 days to pack. Of course also scheduled for those 6 days are:

Church singing
Piano Recital
Shepherd's Harvest
Relative greeting

And I am not making progress. Today I did take another load to the Goodwill (under the theory it's better to give it away than pack it in a box) but then tonight, instead of cleaning my closet, I bathed and groomed the dogs. Cause you need a fluffy poodle when you move.

Of course yesterday I didn't clean out the closet because I did the linen closet, and because the kids were here.

And the day before I didn't clean out the closet because it was afterall Monday.

Now tomorrow is Thursday. I have boxes everywhere, started, yet not finished. The closet is not clean, because evidently simply wishing it clean didn't work. And I am typing a blog post about the closet instead of cleaning it. It's not even that it's that bad. Maybe it's just because it's the last one. Or because it's mine.

Really though, I am in the stage where it feels like nothing will ever get done, and we will be stuck in limbo forever. The house in disorganized chaos, clutter everywhere you go, a slightly damp carpet from dog grooming, boxes strewn about, and cats angry at me over the lack of furnishings (I got rid of the couches.

Welcome to moving. I need a drink.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

I have decided to donate all of my clothes (except for what I'm wearing or taking to Disney World - yes I said Disney World, we are no crazy, we are simply ambitious).

Donating them will be easier than packing them.

And then - wait for it, instead of buying NEW clothes. I instead will buy yarn, and fiber. Yarn and fiber to make my own sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, vests... Yes, yarn to make clothes instead of new clothes.

I am not letting the fact that the sweater I starting is chilling on needles with half of the first sleeve completed. I'm sure I'll get it done. Having no sweaters will be good for me to urge me onto more knitting.

Go big or go home I always say. And any excuse to buy more yarn is a good game plan in my book.

To be safe I may keep my pants.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'll think about it tomorrow, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow we'll see....

There's always a tomorrow right? Well there is, except when there isn't.

So many lead their lives basing it on tomorrow. Things they'll do 'someday' Things they will do when they retire, have money, or have time. Things that they'll do when the groceries are put away, dinner is cooked, and they have another 15,000 in the bank. Things that once the kids are gone, or older will happen.Tomorrow they'll move where they want to live. Tomorrow they'll change jobs to what they want to do. Tomorrow they'll take the time and play with their kids, or their dogs, or their friends. Tomorrow they'll forget life for a little while. Today it's all about making the money for retirement, the rush to get home, and then the 2 hours of blankness sitting in front of the TV or Facebook while the world passes by, and dinner burns in the oven.

But tomorrow runs out. Someday we don't have tomorrow. Someday the dogs will be gone, the kids will be grown up and living their own tomorrow, sometimes retirement isn't reached, tomorrow isn't guaranteed afterall. All too often life ends before it should, or before we expect it to. Leaving a lot of tomorrows unpromised and untouched.

Living in tomorrow, instead of for tomorrow of course is a scary proposition. The money isn't as good, and it involves change. Change is hard, challenging, scary, and for many practically impossible. Living in tomorrow involves embracing it, and identifying who you are. Not who others tell you to be, but truly who you want to be at the core. Always wanted to have a goat farm? Make soap, climb the alps? Swim the English Channel? Those are the core of who you are. When are you going to do them? Tomorrow? What tomorrow, a vast 'someday' or today? Living in tomorrow also means challenging those around you who aren't living that way. People who had you pigeon holed into a certain lifestyle, career, job. Change is even scarier for them than it is for you. If you're living in your tomorrow doesn't that mean they could too? That maybe all that is really holding them back is the fear of the unknown, the fear of change? Fear, the most powerful paralyzing emotion which traps people into their life, into making safe decisions, and into living for tomorrow.

Embrace the day, embrace life, it's going to be tomorrow whether you're ready or not. Tomorrow is always another day.