Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine?

Bella is Merc's Valentine, I'm not sure she feels the same way.
 Only I could manage to sprain my ankle the one day I go outside all winter. I tell you, Snow and Winter has taken out a vendetta against me, and is trying to get even for all the nasty things I say about them. You know what: I triple all I said I hate you Snow and Winter. And thanks to my newly sprained ankle you'll be gone before you can attempt another hit. Nice try. I don't give in that easily.
And you know what Exercise? I blame you too! Yes you! Here I was actually going to the gym - almost regularly and feeling happy about it. And WHAM just like always, something happened. But really, conspiring with Snow and Winter to plan out an injury is just a little much. I'll get even with you later.
Since the abovementioned Snow and Winter not to mention Exercise are off the Valentine's list - will you be my Valentine? Due to the sprained ankle, I can't cook you dinner, really even going out is kind of in question. And I didn't get to the store to get chocolates, and I can't make any cookies (see above). There may still be cupcakes downstairs, I'm not really sure, if there are, you can have them. We can spend the night sitting on the couch knitting. You can even use my yarn stash. Of course I'd rather be spinning, I know I haven't spun in weeks, but now that I can't of course I WANT to. I'm just like that. It's my contrary side.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! May it be fun, joyful, and filled with chocolate.

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