Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies...

"Let's go see the stars.. Fred and Ginger SPINNING madly.." I need to watch Annie again. When my nephews were young, I used to make them watch it all the time which really just developed in them a hatred of the movie, and it comes dangerously close to a hatred in musicals. If they really do hate them, they hide it well, except for Hello Dolly, they do hate that movie, but only due to a long trip in the car involving a viewing of the movie with no other options for entertainment. Anyway, this post isn't about musicals, though I can go on for hours and hours about those. But instead, about the movies.
Tomorrow, we are going to the AMC Best Picture Showcase. My brother has gone a few times, but each year I have been either busy, or else solidly uninterested in 90% of the movies playing. This year, I had the time, and it seems like a good lineup. It's actually held over 2 days, tomorrow, and the next Saturday as well.

Tomorrow we are seeing:

Toy Story 3, The Kids are All right, True Grit, and the Fighter. We'll be skipping 127 Hours due to my inability to watch someone suffer for an entire movie. I understand it's a great film, but there are limits. I'm already stretching with True Grit. The next Saturday we're watching: Winter's Bone, Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network, and The Kings' Speech. I'm actually more excited about that lineup. It is truly a movie marathon, and I think it'll be really interesting.

Of course, me being me, my challenge will be how many scarves can I get completed in this amount of time? I'm fairly good at knitting in darkened theaters, and I generally knit there. So today, sorted through my yarn packing bulky yarns in a bag to be knitted into scarves during the movies. I was trying to find lighter colors as well. I have different size needles packed up, and am ready to go!
The chosen yarns all ready to go. I like to pack extra just in case!

Any guesses as to how many scarves I can get completed tomorrow? I'll update everyone tomorrow night, providing I survive an entire day at the movies first!

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