Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have a Nice TRIP See ya next FALL..

Our internet is finally working again after 2 days, a new wireless router, and one service call. What a pain. The kids actually though, finally got used to the no internet thing, and even started realizing you can do other things besides play online. We played Pictionary, Clue, and a new game called Funglish which they really enjoyed. We watched Snow White,and a couple other movies. I'm campaigning to make it the new Saturday night rule - at least once in awhile. 

I was working on spring cleaning today, you cause it's 40 degrees out and all. Along the way I had a bright idea to empty out the cat litter boxes all the way. Since we use a biodegradable litter corn based litter, I normally dump it outside in a wooded area where it can breakdown naturally. The fact this is up on a hill, and that it's still covered in snow probably should have stopped me from this idea, but of course it didn't.

I was fine for the first trip but the second coming down I ended up flying down the hill twisting my ankle and knee. My knee seems to be fine now, my ankle not so much. I've sprained my ankles plenty and I know it'll be fine in awhile but man is it sore right now! It makes walking more than a little difficult, that is for sure. I should probably go in and have it looked at but I know all they'd tell me is to stay off of it and rest it. I can give myself that advice here just as easily, and much cheaper. My advice also included eating cupcakes. I think that's a better idea overall anyway.

At least it wasn't my wrist, the Iknitarod is right around the corner afterall, and I have to be able to knit. I'd love to order some special fiber from The Spinning Bunny for it, but I am trying hard to stay on my fiber free diet.

As long as you can still make it to the food dish ~ That's all we care about!

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