Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Showdown

Yesterday was the 2nd Oscar movie marathon.

I finished 4 scarves, will have pictures tomorrow. Right now I'm cooking dinner (Copper River Salmon, and Barley Risotto, along with asparagus - yum!!)

Them movies we watched yesterday were:

Winters Bone I loved this movie! It was raw, gripping, and made you think and consider. Most of the people who were there, hated this movie. I'm not sure why, except I think a lot of people don't realize how complex drugs are, including meth, and I think a lot of people forget how poor, the poor in America are, along with how trapped they are due to their situation and poverty. The acting was amazing, and so was the authenticity of this show. I have lived in rural Missouri and seen these areas, and these people, it's not a movie to love, but to study.

The Black Swan This was the movie that I was most excited to see. I personally was disappointed in it. I was hoping for a Silence of the Lambs complexity, and I just didn't feel it. The story and acting were good, but I wanted a more psychological thriller instead of a horror movie with music.

Inception Inception was a movie I had not thought I'd want to see when I saw previews. Not really my style. But it was actually much better, with a much more complex story line that I anticipated. Amazing special effects, set designs, and of course, Leonardo Dicaprio for a couple hours is never a bad thing.

The Social Network Really well done movie on Facebook. It showed what people can do with their imagination, and how a great idea will survive - even a couple of 20 year olds running it!

The Kings Speech Oh my gosh was this an amazing movie! I love Colin Firth, and he was amazing as King George. Not to mention Helena Bonham Carter AKA Bellatrix Lestrange. The depths this movie went to was great and there wasn't one scene that dragged. Even Kevin who hates British monarchy films, really, really liked this movie.

Let me just say, I love Helena Bonham Carter. She is my new favorite actress. Love her!

I'm not going to pick awards but here is my order of what I liked. Movies are so subjective.

  1. The Kings Speech
  2. Winters Bone
  3. The Fighter
  4. Toy Story 3
  5. The Social Network
  6. Inception
  7. The Black Swan
  8. The Kids are All Right
  9. True Grit

Hope everyone is having a great Oscars night, stay tuned for scarf pictures - I promise they're coming.

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