Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A House of Germs

I still need to take pictures of my scarves. I will get that done I promise. But the last 2 days have been spent dealing with a sick kid. And now he has multiplied into two, as this morning I got a call to go pick up his brother from school. Evidently he puked all over the bus. Though when I retrieved him, it appeared most of it had gone onto the clothes the school nurse had so kindly bagged up.

I am not cut out to be a school nurse. My answer to their illness is to set them down on the couch with sprite, an emergency bucket (though this is really more of a sinus flu type thing) The Disney Channel, DVR Wizards of Waverly Place, and laptops for their enjoyment. I then sequester myself in my bedroom with the window cracked to let in the frigid air and do periodic checks and feeding while spraying lysol around. I am letting them use Neptune's electric throw (must find out how to wash it) and I am doling out medication. I just dislike the germ spewing. I think the first one is well enough to go to school tomorrow actually, his fever has been gone since around 9:00. The other will have probably 1-2 more days at home. Poor guys, I wish they weren't sick, it's miserable for them - except for the TV, laptop, and Selena Gomez that is.

The Oscars were fun, but you know what was even better - Barley Risotto!! I tell you, I love that grain! Risotto is one of my favorites, even though it takes a lot of babying to prepare. Team it with salmon, or steak, I think the barley would be awesome with steak. As opposed to classic rice risotto, it has more of a mouth feel, and an amazing nuttiness. So good. I could live on it. Of course, yet again, I had to go on a barley hunt at the local stores to complete this dish. I have found a couple places to order it online, I just have to get around to doing that.

And now it is yet again time to check on the sick kids.  You know they only have something like 12 weeks left of school? That means that there's only 14 weeks till our EPIC VACATION!!! That is a happy thought today.

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