Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day of Rest - Or Not

It was a typical busy Sunday around here, I made Turkey and barley soup in the crockpot all day, using up a leftover turkey bone I had and lots of fresh veggies.

And I started working on an art yarn. I received Intertwined as a present for Christmas (or rather I bought it for myself using a gift card, close enough) and while I haven't done much with the techniques I decided to play with some Targhee/Llama roving I'm purchased this past fall. This is a really soft, but neppy roving and I spun it soft and thick, around 4WPI. I then took a batt of dark green roving and gold sparkles and ran it through plying it with the loose roving. It turned into a really pretty yarn.

And then, the cats knocked the paper off the printer stand again, and so I got busy. I moved a bookshelf out of my room, cleaned off the printer stand, and set the bookshelf there. I've been meaning to do this for awhile, and replace the bookshelf in my room with a taller one. I just hadn't gotten around to it. What I really succeeded in doing was totally destroying my bedroom while fixing the family room, but it looks cute, and the cats can't knock the paper over anymore, not with my lazy kate sitting on top of it, and it in an enclosed bookshelf.

Anyone wanna place a bet on how long the yarn on the
bottom shelf will stay there with the cats? I'm thinking 72 hours.

After all this we rewarded the kids with a bowling trip, or maybe it was us, I'm the world's worst bowler but it's one of the few available sports in this frozen tundra. Here's the hat mom finished being modeled. I love this hat, it's in Seattle Mariner's colors 'nuff said.

This may be the warmest hat ever.

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  1. Pretty yarn. I give it 24hrs or less for the cats. Love the colors of the hat.