Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 In Fiber

In January of 2010 I started knitting again. 12 months later, I've become a knitter. Not a great knitter, not even a good knitter. Really not even a knitter that can follow a pattern - but a knitter.

In 2010 I knitted:

  • 2 socks (individual - neither is a pair)
  • 1 pair of mittens
  • 5 pairs of fingerless gloves
  • 5 shawls
  • 14 scarves

Mom knitted:
  • 9 hats
Plus crocheted edges on multiple items, and designed several crochet projects.
Each taught me more about knitting.

All the knitting laid out chronologically
Scarves from the beginning of the year, and shawl and scarves from the summer months
The end of the year shawls, plus a few hats and gloves

A lot of these are in use right now, we'll call this a sampling
Shawls from the fall.
No knitting but look, it was a snowbow at sunset!
Hello 2011 sunsets, nice to meet you :)

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  1. That's quite a bit for a new knitter. I've never seen a snowbow before. Hope you have a happy New Year.