Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time = Plans

Time, I have glorious time right now! So I worked up a mitten, hated it, and promptly frogged it. Really, this felt like a decadence. Because I can do it again tomorrow. Well, I should really clean house tomorrow, but hey, I can do that the next day - or week. We don't have to get specific here.

I did spin 6 oz of Corrie X into a bulky yarn. I'd already spun 6 oz of this, and this finished off my roving. This has really long color repeats, it will be interesting to see how it knits up. I wound a few balls of yarn, Mom is making a hat out of Malabrigo Rasta, and I need to make up a scarf for another hat she did.
Pretty yarn from The Painted Tiger again

And I need a pattern. I need an easy lace shawl pattern for about 400 yards of fingering weight yarn. With no purling involved. Purling lessons aren't going to be for awhile. Anyone have any ideas? It could be a scarf I guess, but I'm picturing something elegant and lacy, and well perfect for that 3 Irish Girls skein I bought awhile ago.
My magical skein destined for big things

My own personal challenge (well, besides the obvious going on a spirit quest to figure out the meaning of life) is to spin my way through the external roving pile. This isn't delving into to the wool closet, but rather eliminating one wicker basket, a rubbermaid tote, and a laundry basket full of roving. It's sitting here taunting me right now. So tomorrow I'm going to tackle it in earnest. And then on Saturday, I'm going to actually label all my yarn. That could be an entire day's job.

Maybe in reality I'm too busy to go back to work. Though if I am going to become a yarn hawker in Italy (or maybe Greece, Italy seems more yarny though in a way..) I will need to whip through all these projects and spin more yarn to sell. And probably knit hats. There I can be, like the guy in Hats For Sale wandering around, my dog at my heels, and probably Neptune the cat, hats on my head, scarves around my neck and yarn on my arm. This probably only has potential for a winter job really. I don't know, and I really need to learn to speak Italian, but whatever, I'll figure those details out tomorrow. Because tomorrow's another day - and I have time!

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  1. As long as you don't have an urgent financial need to go back to work, you might just need a mental health break.

    The yarn is really pretty.

    Go to they have wonderful videos you can use to learn purling and other knitting.

    Sort wish I was still in Rochester, I would come help you with your knitting.