Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Day Another Concert

Next weekend is the beginning of a huge piano contest. So tonight, was a chance for all the contestants from Devin's studio to compete in public with their pieces.

Devin this year, never one to stray from a challenge, had selected a really hard piece of music. In this contest, they compete in age groups, vs experience groups so he has to play a much harder piece than most kids with 2 years experience.

Halfway through practicing for this song, his piano teacher said that this was too hard for his level, and urged him to select something else to play. He stuck by his first choice, and we supported it, because the experience is the point, not to win.

So here is 6 months of hard work, he still has a week to go to work on the pedals and clean it up. What I am enjoying is the amount of feeling he is getting into his music.

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