Friday, January 7, 2011

Administrative Assistant

Last weekend we spent a lot of time getting the New Years letter out. Now, years ago, we had given up sending Christmas cards. Who needs that much stress, plus we had quite a few friends who didn't celebrate. It seemed weird to send them a Christmas card.

Last year we instituted a New Years card. Perfect! Cause pretty much everyone has a new year start, and conveniently you can't be late with one. I mean, is a New Years letter really late in February? I don't think so! That said, we actually had them all mailed and out the door by the 5th. Which was an amazing feat for us.

We did have a lot of help though. Really couldn't have done it without Neptune's printer skills.

Thanks Neptune!

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  1. Aren't cats great? I just don't what I would do without my assistants.