Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

The last 3 days have been crazy here. We started with Devin's piano recital, then a family member had surgery, and the other kid had a tryout for a play. Today buzzed by just as fast. I think we even scared the clock enough to jump off the wall in the middle of the night - or else the cats did it..

I knitted up another scarf and have another on my lap right now 2/3 done. Last week I spent most of the time knitting up a wrap around shawl only to realize that while I had enough yarn for a nice shawl, it would only fit a petite person. I don't know that many petite people, so I ordered more roving to complete it later this week. The roving doesn't count toward my no roving purchase diet, because it's just more of a club fiber. See how handily that works? No guilt, and more squishy fiber! I am nothing if not clever.

Drop stitch scarf from handspun. I call this Neptune's batt

Handspun Corrie X. I think one more skein should finish it and edge it.

On the spinning wheel, I have been working on cashmere, which is lovely but takes forever to spin, or at least it seems that way. Possibly just because of the white color. I do a lot better spinning colors other than white.
Whatever, she should be blogging about my yarn art. Stupid person

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