Friday, January 14, 2011


I finally have come to the conclusion, that the reason people continue to live in this horrible climate is because they don't realize there's a whole world out there to live in. They have been brainwashed (this potentially could be lutefisk poisoning, but that's pure supposition on my part) that to leave this state for more than 2 weeks will lead to imminent death. Really this is the only rational reason for people to stay here. Because frankly, this entire place should be abandoned as uninhabitable. Or at the very least, evacuated for 6 months old the year.

Yes, this is a highway. During a 'snow shower'

This is the car off the road, on top of a 4 foot snowbank. Not us.

On the way to pick up the kids in the snow - again.

We have had over 50 inches of snow this winter. 50 inches, that is still here. What it does is simple, it snows, and then gets below zero, then it warms up to the teens, and snows again. In an endless cycle, from November to I'm not sure when, over and over and over again.

Those of us not subjected to the brainwashing, who know this in reality is not a good thing, result to all sorts of escapism. For example, personally, today, I spent an hour making a playlist of music with Sunshine or Summer in the lyrics. I have approximately 15 hours of sunshine music. This is a good thing. However, it does not substitute for real sunshine, which is in extremely short supply right now. The last sunshine I saw, was Tuesday, and it was coupled as always with freezing temperatures too cold to go outside, and the roads too coated in ice to walk, the sidewalks are impassable at the parks anyway.

I of course, spin yarn, to offset the cold as well, convincing myself, that it makes me warmer due to activity and of course the large quantity of warm wool surrounding me, that can be made into serviceable wear for the mad dash to the car that I occasionally attempt. My goal is to have an entire roomful of outerwear before I move to a place where it's too warm to actually utilize winter items. I will then, pull them out, pet them, and carefully place them back into the closet, remnants of a frozen place.

Somehow I believe, whoever said Hell was hot, had never lived in a cold climate. Because my version of hell is frozen and I live there every day.

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  1. My version of hell was heat until I injured my back. Hell is frozen cold, sub-zero. Which is why we moved to Tucson a little over a year ago.

    Should I mention the sun shines bright every day. That starting this weekend we are having temps in the 70's. No probably, I should not mention that.