Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

January has started it's deep freeze effect on the Tundra. Actually, it hasn't been 20 below yet, that's coming next week. But this weekend was too cold to do anything. So instead we stayed home.
I'm still figuring out exactly what to knit first, or rather, next, so I spent the weekend spinning yarn. I finished 3 skeins of yarn, N plying them.
First up:

A lovely silvery Shetland. I purchased this in October at the fiber fest. I ended up with 112 yards. It had a lot of personality. I really enjoy spinning Shetland, it's fuzzy, and grippy, and fine, yet at the same time fluffy. This is bulky weight.

 This is Spinning Bunny Tour De Fleece BFL/Silk. Spun to a medium weight. I bought a pound of this. I spun the first 8 oz as a laceweight but this I just spun up. 150 yards, and it's GORGEOUS! I love this fiber, and color!
The fiber and yarn while spinning. This was a pretty bobbin.
And finally, I spun most of my Painted Tiger December Fiber club. It's Merino/Silk/Bamboo. Frankly I don't enjoy spinning bamboo at all, but this fiber has a lovely handle. And it's so pretty, with it's soft lavenders and purples. Beautiful tonal colors. I ended up with 197 yards of this. Which explains why it seemed like it took forever to spin..

The first 3 yarns of 2011. Nice to have a feeling of accomplishment. PS - Did you see the neat, tidy labels?? Goal: Check.

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  1. I don't envy you with the deep freeze. Makes my body hurt at the thought. 43 years in Rochester, NY, I know what you are talking about with that artic air.

    Lovely spinning you have there. Do you have plans for them?

    I don't care for merino/tencel to spin is bamboo similar to tencel.