Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why, Taylor, why?

There are very few musicians that I can't stand. My playlists range from country to reggae to hard rock, and classical.
But I can not for the life of me fathom why, why people like Taylor Swift. Matter of fact, Taylor led me to a rant and letters when she won CMA's Entertainer of the year over Kenny Chesney and several other deserving people. I mean, let's face it, she recycles the same video, can't sing a note on key in person, and pretends to play the guitar. Entertainer? I don't think so.

So watching her new Back to December video during the Top 20 Countdown this week, I was yet again amazed to see it reached number one. Are the kids who are listening to music truly tone deaf? Do they not realize that is a really stupid song about someone who breaks someone's heart, and is still self centered enough to want to get back together because they miss that person? And so I say, please person in the song, string Taylor along, and dump her unceremoniously back into her White Horse/Back to December apartment in her You Belong With Me glasses. I'm sure she hates your stupid old pickup truck anyway.

And please guys, don't disregard her tone deafness as age. Frankly any of the 15 year olds who auditioned for American Idol this week, could out sing her. Frankly, I could out sing her. I hope she goes to Hollywood, where she can simply be a pretty face, and stop torturing me on the radio. I'd pay good money for a TSwift free radio station.

I will say I liked the scarf the dumped guy was wearing in the video. It was quite a lovely gray knitted scarf. Evidently Taylor has pretty good taste in clothes for her dumped boyfriends. Much better than her taste in music.

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