Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Contemplations A Random Tuesday List

  1. It's almost February. Where did January go?
  2. It's actually been practically balmy here, which just makes my spring-fever worse, as it reminds me someday the snow will melt.
  3. A cat's entire purpose in life is to prevent you from actually getting anything done by deciding to be friendly and cuddly the moment you decide to get up and clean the living room.
  4. A dog's entire purpose in life is to follow you everywhere shedding hair. Thereby causing more of a need for vacuuming.
  5. I wonder how many calories one burns vacuuming? Enough to warrant skipping the gym visit for the day?
  6. Trip planning for our EPIC VACATION (of which I am not telling you anything about - except we are going west not east) could potentially be a full time job, handy, since I don't have one right now..
  7. I am reading The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi. It's fascinating. 
  8. I wonder how much yarn I could sell in Italy, and if there's be a market for scarves there. Would there be more of a market if I moved there, and promptly slapped a Made in Italy sticker on the scarves/yarn and sold it to Americans?
  9. Anyone watching Harry's Law, I love Kathy Bates. She reminds me of my best friend from childhood's mom. Rat shooting aside that is.. Though Marjorie (BF's mom) would definitely shoot a snake. She hated snakes. Not sure on her feelings about rats.
  10. There are only approximately 20 weeks till we leave for the EPIC VACATION. That is approximately 18 weeks too long, though I have to find a cat sitter still. I'm hoping the last one wasn't traumatized by the great fish tank leakage adventure of 2010.
  11. How can a dog know the word Beach after only spending one week of his 5 years actually living at the beach? And how can he make you feel so guilty for not living there and taking him for a walk every day.
  12. I wonder if I could survive a walk with the dog outside now that it's actually in the 20's. Or whether it's still too snowy..

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