Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bella's Art

I spent today watching SVU while knitting a requested drop stitch scarf (and I spun some yarn).

Now I used to think that random balls of yarn were scattered randomly through the house with no rhyme or reason. But lately, I've noticed shapes appearing, and it's clearly not my imagination. Bella, the artist was kind enough to demonstrate her yarn technique - utilizing the yarn that I was using for the scarf of course (Malabrigos of course, only the best for the discerning artist..)

Yarn is so plain knitted

But look at how amazing it is when shaped!

Have to roll the ball to just the right location..

What does it look like to you? This could be a personality test.

The finished masterpiece

1 comment:

  1. Cats do like their yarn art. Bella is such a beauty. Perfect name for her.

    Bootsie likes to dig in my yarn bin when she can get the lid loosened. She then selects her yarn balls and carries them around the house, yolling. In the middle of the night. Yolling at the yarn.