Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fish Update

I haven't really posted anything on my tanks since the great tank leak of Thanksgiving 2010. And lately, fish have been on my mind. The plethora of people purchasing bettas for Christmas and stashing them in a .5 gallon tank - or smaller, perpetuating the belief that bettas are happy there. You know, we can live in a 4X6 room, and frankly, we won't be very active either, but we won't be happy. Neither are those bettas stuck in those tanks. 5 gallons is the minimum, and really a 10 gallon is easier to care for. Just like a common goldfish really needs 20 gallons.

Since we're moving in a year or so hopefully I'm trying to drastically cut down on the fish. What is left I will move with - and in reality most will definitely be left. I've already researched moving with them, and have pretty good faith that it'll work out ok, though it's going to be a challenge. And I will rehome some of my platies that live in the turtle tank.

However, I am having a real dilemma over whether to buy another 55 gallon. My 60 gallon is overstocked, and if I moved a couple fish out of it, I could probably get by, I have yet to convince anyone else that a 120 gallon would be a good idea in this house. My next house I will be looking for a basement I can convert to a fish room. I keep saying here, we could put it behind the couch downstairs on the concrete slab, but others find it disturbing to have fish sitting behind them. Whatever.
This is the view from my couch, my 26 gallon, and 60 gallon. Pikachu optional

3 of my goldfish did die this past month, most likely due to stress of the tank being broken and then the overcrowding for a week. Believe it or not, goldfish are extremely sensitive to stress and bad living conditions. Especially fancy goldfish, which is what I have. One of those fish, I'd had for over 2 years, poor guy.
Oscar hanging out in the 60 gallon with my severum above saying hi.
I've had Oscar for a year, the severum for 18 months.

I know a lot of people think its's funny or weird I get attached to my fish, but to answer that, they've clearly never had a tank, and fish long term. Mine love to interact with me, and not moving with them wouldn't be possible. It's just how best to accomplish this feat. Especially now that the majority of my fish are larger cichlids.

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  1. I was wondering what happened after the great leak of 2010.

    I wouldn't get a new tank if you are moving soon. I lost my 25 gallon tank in a move and it started leaking. I miss having a fish tank, it's fun to watch. We had an african frog for awhile, until the sucker fish got him.