Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seriously Random

Seriously random - the odds and ends, the last couple days of our trip. Finally, a bit late. But never fear... There may be yet another trip in our not so distant future....

Blurry - but a picture of JP Patches the famous Seattle clown.

I want to explore this neighborhood more, on our next trip.
And stop at this little coffee shop.

EMP - another thing we still need to do. It's supposed to look like a smashed guitar..

Seattle Art Museum outdoor sculpture garden

Down on the waterfront

The stadiums with a Mariners game raging inside.

A light at our favorite restaurant in Auburn Trotters. We always take it over

And their sundaes are the best!

Taking over Trotters with old friends

A lot of old friends.....

In my hometown, and the next, lavender is on all the streets growing like crazy.
The entire area is scented with lavender!

The Cascades

Goodbye mountains

Goodbye Washington

We're back with the cats

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