Saturday, July 23, 2011

Play Ball!

The Mariners were so nice as to rearrange the Stitch and Pitch, generally scheduled for August to meet our time frame on this trip. So we trekked off eager to watch the Ms, and get some knitting in at the same time.

The Mariners Stitch and Pitch is huge! Of course much better than other teams *cough Twins cough* because it's in Safeco Field, the Mariners are there, and Seattle is a fiber arts haven. It's also a ton of fun because my nephews, though they were born here, in the Frozen Tundra, hate the local team, and love, love the Mariners. Either this is a genetic trait that they inherited from me, or else they have incredibly good taste. Either way, they really dislike going to Twins games, but the Mariners games are always a highlight of our trip.

And if you're wondering what the score was, I am training the kids to be die-hard fans, and we only ever go to games they lose. Since we're in a rebuilding time right now, that's a pretty easy proposition. But we'll start winning soon.

Cory took this, and the next shot, he was so excited to be back at Safeco!

Spot the seagulls? They are trained to divebomb and decorate opposing fans.

I will always, always, miss Dave.

Vendor booths for Stitch and Pitch

baseball and yarn, I am in my happy place!

This was the view behind us looking out from the stands

So was this.

There are my boys!

Happy kids

Hydroplane races! A Mariners tradition!

knitters surrounded us

Cory with his hero Ichiro :)

I love this. The guy on the left of course is Edgar Martinez,
one of the best hitters ever. Next to Ichiro, a legend. I love the artistry.

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