Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cashmere Conspiracy

Remember this?

This innocent little skein of yarn I purchased. As a pet skein, to love it, snuggle it, and cuddle it. Definitely not to knit with. I mean, that'd be silly. I am in no way, shape or form a good enough knitter to do this little skein of MCN justice. I was just happy to have it on my shelf. Sitting there in all it's pretty glory. Enjoying a squeeze now and then.






Ah yes, my little skein of Three Irish Girls Brigit. She's a sneaky one, let me tell you. First, she finally lured me into taking her home - after many, many trips to the LYS where I fondled her and put her back. Then, she got on the internet (oh yes it was her) and googled Three Irish Girls, where she conned me into using my credit card for a yarn purchase. But not just a one time one, no. No, that wasn't good enough for her. Instead, she connived her way into a monthy club! Every month a little skein of 3IG is showing up.

Furthermore, she seems to be slipping other skeins into my bags. Locally was bad enough, but I came home with 3IG yarn from my Seattle trip! Yes! Two skeins! And now, my club has mysteriously doubled in size, because otherwise she'd just buy additional skeins from a Ravelry member anyway. Can you imagine!?

So all the sudden, I have an entire little collection of 3IG. And I just want you to know, ths is not my fault. Indeed, this is a conspiracy. A cashmere conspiracy to overrun my house/yarn storage into a massive 3IG warehouse. I think an intervention may be in order. Or more likely, I may need more yarn storage.

I don't think it's an accident so many of the skeins are green....
Or a cashmere blend....

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  1. Double drat, you've caught on to the conspiracy! Foiled again! ;)