Wednesday, July 6, 2011

California Here We Come

Seriously, the world is conspiring against me. When I have an internet connection I have no time. When I have time, I have no internet connection. But right now, the dogs are asleep, the kids are settled down in front of a movie, and I can type uninterrupted for a few minutes.

In any case, after we left Disney, suntanned, relaxed, and happy, we headed north. I had planned on driving rather quickly up toward Monterey on I-5, but Mom wanted to drive out of the heat and boring scenery so we cut across. Unfortunately in my sleep deprived state, I decided we should cut across to 1, not 101, I've always harbored a secret desire to travel that way. It wasn't a great plan for that day though, since once we finally reached the water it was foggy. However, we got to see a lot of cool things on our way, despite the fog...

California Hills

Let's go surfing!!!


Elephant seals!!!!

And ground squirrels!

These are sleeping adolescent males, who come here to molt.
You can tell the age by the length of it's nose.

This one was the only one awake.

I namd him George

Moving across the beach is really hard work.

Comfy again

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The fog is coming in.

Beautiful beach


Lots of turns in the road.

There is practically nothing on this road except for one little
gas station and convenience store, with a huge garden.

Wood sculptures

Huge geraniums!

Alyssum is growing wild along the road

Alongside succulents, I thought that was so cool.

Just as we got to Monterey in the sunset light, the fog lifted away.

And we were headed to San Jose!

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