Friday, July 8, 2011

Fort Columbia

My brother Shawn, and sister in law Wendy managed to join us for a few days on this trip. Which was totally cool! We chose to go where Shawn remembered going as a kid. The first one was For Columbia.

Fort Columbia was built after the Civil War to defend the mouth of the Columbia river, along with Fort Stevens on the other side of the river. It was reinforced during World War 2, and held up to 400 soldiers during that time. It normally housed around 100. It never fired a shot in battle.

The gun Barracks

The Columbia

THrough these trees, you can see the big gun thingie
There are only 6 of these guns in the world left, and two
are here. Originally these were ordered but never placed.

Close up of the gun

Game playing

I love this sign

Look at this huge cookstove

Tin ceilings

Aww, baby Fort birds


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