Friday, July 29, 2011

Noro Nirvana

Today was yet another busy day in the world. Kevin was meeting with his old coworkers (there's a story there, you are right), and I took the opportunity of being waaaay across town to go to a new yarn shop.

I went to Knit'n From The Heart, a little store that for some reason I have driven by multiple times while never stopping. I have no idea why this has happened, but it will never ever happen again. You know why? Cause I went inside and found.....

I snagged a bad picture - this is just one section of Noro - there were MORE!!!!

Noro Heaven!! An entire section of their store devoted to Noro. LOVE times a zillion thankyouverymuch! And a ton, a literal ton of Taiyo. And it was on sale! And it was all over the place, and I stayed there for an hour looking at their Noro samples, Noro books, and fondling yarn. It was darn lucky that I happen to be broke right now, or else I'd still be recovering from my Noro purchases. As it was, there was just a minor purchase, but I was informed of a frequent buyer program. Yes, please!

I was especially happy because I have had a big problem finding Taiyo locally lately. This means I now have a new source besides online. The other Noros are just icing on the cake but oh, it is such a prettily decorated cake!

Frankly, I just want to move over there, and go work at this store now. I doubt they're hiring, but I may beg my way into a volunteer position, will work for Noro yarn? It could work... I'm sure it's not the first time it's been suggested.

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