Monday, July 25, 2011

Quacked Up

We decided to ride the Ducks of Seattle this year. A seriously touristy thing to do for someone who grew up there, but they seemed to have so much fun. Plus I am always up for useless trivia....

We caught our ride at the Space Needle

The duck whistles were a couple dollars. This was either a good
or a bad. Depending on the volume.

The people in front of them left after 4 minutes of quacking.

Pike Place Market - the only corporation allowed in PPM is Starbucks
because it started there as a small business.

Hard Rock. the guitar sign here is upside down, and is a Fender vs
a Gibson. Every other Hard Rock has a Gibson.

We headed out to Lake Union

The city skyline - or part of it.

Some of the houseboats. They have to have an engine onboard.

Another duck

Floating houses. Only 500 are allowed on the lake ever, and a lot
without a house currently starts at 900,000.

The entire skyline.

Gasworks park. A shut down refinery, with spectacular views.

Recognize this house? I did!

It's the Sleepless in Seattle House! It sold last summer for 3 million
dollars. I was so excited to see it, I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

Going home we were getting a little chilly, but still having fun.

The house on the right with the columns is owned by the founder of

I have no idea how one could Kayak, let alone Kayak standing up.

I love boats.

This is an old toolshed which rents for 800.00 a month. It's around 200 square feet.

Personally, I'd live in this house.

One big fishing boat was moored there.

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  1. Great pictures once again!! Ditto on "Sleepless in Seattle". LOVE it! Cry everytime - and want to move to Seattle - to live with Tom Hanks.
    Never get enough of Pike's Market! Spend hours there every time; never get enough of that place. So glad you and the family are having a wonderful vacation!