Thursday, July 7, 2011

Destination Cousins

The main reason for these summer vacations is so that Devin and Cory get to spend time with their cousins. This is a huge deal to them, they only have one set of cousins, and they lament on a daily basis that they wished they lived closer. This is one reason why the move to California will be great, the kids will get to see each other a lot more.

This vacation was designed around Connor, Kara, and Sophie's dance recital, and all of our scenic routes had meant that we had to get up there in time. We did make it in time, with enough time to spare that we ended up being able to change in the Mcdonalds bathroom. That is relaxed by our standard really.

The next couple days were spent playing with the kids, and watching recitals. For some reason, I only got photos of Sophie here, evidently the other kids were off on their own adventures whenever I had the camera out. Whatever.

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