Monday, July 18, 2011

Ring Of Fire

One of the things about the Pacific Northwest, are the mountains. When the mountains are out, the views are spectacular. Several mountains were on display during our trip in all their glory.

Mt St Helens was in all her glory, and still snow covered!

I love this view from the Vancouver WA area

Up north, a wrong turn took us to this spectacular view of Mt Baker.
Definitely better than the Walmart we were hunting for!

Later on a boating day, it peeked over Bellingham Bay while a boat slipped by.

But, my mountain, the world's most perfect mountain, was also out.

Hello my beautiful Mt Rainier. How I miss you when I'm away.
(and yes I know there's a big ol' bug smudge, I'll deal with that later)

I know she's an active volcano. But seriously, if she ever does
blow, I could never bring myself to be in the valley again.

I mean, can you imagine the skyline without her there?

Finally, look closely, on the left, Mt Hood even said hi. No, she's not
Mt Rainier, only one could be so perfect, but she adds a lot of pizazz to Portland.

Here she is again, behind the trees. We didn't go far enough south for a great view.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Heather! My daughter used to live in Bellingham. This is a beautiful State!