Monday, July 11, 2011


Today was our last full day at the beach. We got up early and hit the sand for a long walk with the dogs, and then headed out for Cannon Beach Oregon, my favorite place in the world. Why is this my favorite place? Perfect rocks, spectacular views everywhere, a charming town, coastal vistas, and a great beach for walking on. It has sparkling sand, sprinkled with interesting rocks and shells, tidepools, and everwhere you look, it's gorgeous again.

Cannon Beach also boast's Coastal Yarns, a nice little shop downtown. What? Yarn talk? I know, I've been short of yarn talk lately. It's been too busy, we have visited some shops, and I'll list eventually what we purchased at each one and where. But really, I've been a little preoccupied with dogs, kids, and cramming as many things into a day as we could. But yes, there has been yarn. Anyway, Coastal Yarns is super cute, and it happens to carry a couple varieties of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. I love BMFA. Love love love love love love! Gorgeous! Some came home. Yay!

After the yarn, other shopping, and a long hike over the beach looking for shells, we returned home to our little cabin for a dinner of Nalley's Vegetarian chili (The BEST), doritos, cream cheese and M&Ms. I know the last 3 items sound weird, but my mom's friend Carol is here, and this is a longstanding tradition for them. Why? Try it sometime and see. Just don't add the M&Ms to the cream cheese, that is strictly for the Doritos.

I am now sitting here, watching the fishing boats out the window, little lights blinking in the distance while the fire crackles. It's another early morning tomorrow, and a sad one, saying goodbye to this place I love, and where I am most at home, armed with the knowledge in less than a week, I will be back in a place I despise.

But for now, here are some pictures. I hope when you look at them, you can hear the waves crashing.

Morning waves

The Cannon Beach post office

Mom and Carol

Sea star!

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