Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tour de Fleece Revisited

My friend and fiber enabler Susan of Spinning Bunny Sponsored a team for the TDF, which ended up being the one I was most active on. Susan's fiber is totally addicting, I really should just send my paychecks to her every week.

As part of that team, we could buy specially dyed fiber that matched the team colors. I of course ordered a pound in Blue Faced Leicester and silk. That is my new favorite fiber right along with Falkland. It came right before leaving for Seattle, and while it rode with us out there, only a bit made it onto the spindle. So yesterday I started to spin this in earnest.

The rest of the singles on the bobbin waiting to be plied

Oh my goodness, is this gorgeous! It's spinning so fine that it just keeps going and going and going.. Tonight I finished the first bobbin, and started to Navajo ply it. I ended up with 250 yards, after the first half of the bobbin. This yarn wants to be a lacy something or other. I love it with the N-ply, I'm really enjoying that technique.

Navajo plied skein    

So pretty! Look at the light to dark pinks, purples and grays!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish it off, with still another 13 oz or so to spin. The debate is whether or not to spin all of it this fine or try to spin it heavier for a 2nd project.. Decisions decisions! Life is tough!

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