Tuesday, August 17, 2010


On an old ad from the 1920s touting Seattle as a wonderful place to visit, I saw a quote saying, 'If you have never been in Seattle in the summer, you don't know the climate of heaven'. True that.

I was going to skip right to beach pictures, but I decided not to. It'll take longer, and it might be boring, but it's my blog and I'll post if I want to!

This was my favorite house we ever lived in. Except then it was gray. And there was no resident psychic. But I like it. Rumor has it, there are still the murals my mom did for the preschool in the basement. I should have stopped and asked.

After our days in Seattle, we stole away to Auburn, the town I grew up in. This little town has kept it's charm with some great improvements, including an amazing new playground in my favorite park! We met old family friends there, my best friend growing up, her 2 kids, and my mom's friend, and my best friend's mom. Confused? When I was 11 I became best friends with Meghanne. It's a small world because HER mom and MY mom had gone to school together, and lost contact. How cool is that?

The dogs, and kids had a great time playing, the grown ups visiting. It was too short, but lovely all the same.

We then headed out, down the road to the ocean! But first, we stopped at some more old friends,
for a lot of laughter and catching up.

They couldn't even stop laughing for the picture!

Then down the road at The Crow's Nest, a burger joint that's been open forever. The kids loved the food, and loved the fact they have an old Pacman game even more. Cory got to level 7 on one quarter. I'm pretty sure he cheated though, cause I've never made it past level 1.

Finally we made it to our little Cabin at the beach, basically just in time for bed. After all tomorrow - the OCEAN!!

Nope, he never gets to sleep on the bed. Never ever.

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