Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Our Little Secret...

Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone. Be very, very quiet..

I think I'm starting to like to knit.

Ok, ok, I think I'm starting to like to knit.

No one could be more surprised than me. Really. I have always knitted out of a sense of guilt. All this yarn, and no one using it in a creative manner. It oozed guilt. I mean, a spinner that doesn't knit or crochet? Kind of weird. I spin for the joy of creating art, but to most people yarn is utilitarian. Sure it's pretty, it's for a purpose.

But then, I found Noro. Noro Taiyo, in these mesmerizing colors. That are begging to be made into something. I started sneaking home balls of Noro. Surely no one would notice the labels if I mixed it into the bins of handspun..

Scarf #1, the start of the addiction

And then I found circular needles. Because I've always, always lost needles, typically halfway through a project.
Scarf #2 - Knitted long ways, my Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor scarf

I started knitting scarves, I joked I'd have a scarf in every color of Taiyo. They were my take along projects, sometimes sitting in bags for weeks, sometimes finished in just a few days.
Number 3 - finished at the ocean, lots of errors, but so pretty! and peaceful! And Taiyo-y

 On the last trip, I finished my latest scarf, and then something clicked. The next scarf that I started (out of one of the 6 skeins of Taiyo purchased on the trip), morphed magically into a shawl. A triangle shawl no less. Yes people, I broke through the limit of the rectangle. And I liked it! Yes, I liked it!

Picture missing due to secret project taking place using Shawl

After the shawl was done, which turned into a slight obsession, I started on the next. I found a pattern on Ravelry. And I figured it out. And I am sticking to it. I am using a pattern! And I am liking it! I've even picked out what pattern to use next.

Multi-Directional scarf in the works
Yes, I am a knitter! Maybe someday I will even make another sock! A sweater! A lace cape! Ok, or maybe I'll stick to my scarves. But I have discovered patterns. I am a knitter that follows patterns. I am proud.

I am surrounded by warm colorful scarves - in 90 degree heat!

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