Wednesday, August 25, 2010


From work mostly, which has turned into a Twilight Zone of weirdness; leads to many things.

 For me, it leads to Etsy and random fiber purchases, especially if someone is having a good sale on batts.
Which in turn makes me feel guilty about the wool closet.

Which in turn makes me feel guilty that since coming home I haven't spun (being too busy knitting with patterns, and well, working).
Which makes me feel guilty for buying random fiber.
And then it makes me think of the 7 pounds of black alpaca waiting to be processed.
Which makes me realize I need to empty more totes.
Which bring me back to the lack of spinning since vacation.

I need a goal. A good goal. I mean, I spun like crazy during the TdF because I am crazy psychotically competitive. Seriously.

So, with that in mind. I am setting a September goal.

Neptune approves of my choices evidently. He's partial to Alpaca

To spin the following:

6 oz Louet Northern Lights roving

2 oz Yellow Alpaca batts

4 oz Superwash Corriedale Party Dress (that is seriously, almost 3 years old)

1# Merino/silk roving

1# BFL/Silk roving

10 oz Alpaca/cormo roving

The cat will not be spun.

Plus finish 2 more scarves, and 3 bags on my loom.

Starting today.

Will ya stop with the camera flash already! It's 2:00AM!

The game is afoot!

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