Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10 Spot

We had invited my sister and her family down to the ocean with us, and rented the cabin next door as well. Let me just say, The Lighthouse Resort in Long Beach WA is amazing! It's the 2nd time we've stayed there, the first was in one of their new townhomes, right off the beach. This time we went with the cabins, which were originally built in the 1950s. They were charming and so fun! We had a huge yard to play in, and a lovely walk to the beach, just long enough to get the kids raring to see the ocean. There were public grills, an indoor pool, journals to read from past tenants, and driftwood sculptures that people continue to leave in the rooms. There's even a ghost rumored to haunt the cabins!

So anyway, everyone got to the beach on Sunday night, and we headed out to have some fun Monday, Tues, and Weds Here's what we did:

Learned about the Navy, shipwrecks,and crossing the bar 

Astoria Maritime Museum - look at this ivory yarn swift!

And glass balls

Saw a Sea Lion!

Ate lunch overlooking the bridge and harbor

And the kids had their own table - very grown up

Snuck in some TV (When I wasn't looking)

Or colored with Grandma

Battled Lance for the couch

Saw the church where a relative was struck by lightening while preaching

Marveled that the flowers on Grandma's grave were still blooming

Looked for names we were related to in the old cemetary

Pondered life and death

Back home to the beach

Clearly discussing wave jumping strategies

He was happy - even more kids to play with!

Man overboard!

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