Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Blame the Cats

I totally blame the cats for the missing cameras. Yes, notice the plural.

Look at this evil face plotting mayhem

Or this one - the image of evil -

And we won't even start about this one - already caught in the act once!

I have the memory stick. I have 2 actually.

I have the hooky-up cordy thing

I have the extra batteries

I have the battery charger thingie

I can not find any camera. At all. We own 3.

Hmpf Clearly one of the cats hid them to further their agenda. Cause there's no way I lost it in unpacked strewn clothes, under the couch, or under a mountain of wool. Actually I've looked there. Double hmpf.

I was going to blog about all sorts of things. All which required a camera to illustrate. But no, it'll have to wait.  At least I still have some vacation pictures to post. Bet y'all can't wait to see them!

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