Friday, August 6, 2010

The Emerald City

Oh how I love Seattle! The windy little streets, the waterfront, the planes, the MARINERS!

The Blue Angels - I tried to get this picture all day! Those suckers are fast!

The waterfront

We started out for Seattle bright and early, after eating a huge breakfast. You know how great comfort Inn is? We got here, they had a roll away all set up for us, a great room, and they have an unreal breakfast including waffles, fresh fruit, and sausage and eggs! How cool is that? And, they're pet friendly!

Anyway, we headed out to Seattle, with the intentions of first stopping at the Museum of Flight. Only problem, is that it's Seafair week and the Blue Angels are in town. Oops. No Boeing Field today! So instead we headed over to Seattle Center where we went to the Pacific Science Center, and played around with all the fun toys there. In reality we could have spent the entire day there and still not seen everything. It is an amazingly fun hands on place.

We then went over to the Space Needle but decided to put off going up till tomorrow since it was hazy and there was quite a long line.

We headed south, dropped off the dogs and Mom and Devin, then drove back up where we hopped on the new light rail to go to the MARINERS GAME! Now, you must understand. I am a huge Mariner's fan. It doesn't matter how bad, how horrid, or how rotten the team is. I will go. When I lived in Missouri I spent countless hours watching Headline News for the game scores before the Internet was popular. I have been an out of town fan for way too long, though I do get games in on my computer. So obviously a game is an absolute. And it was Stitch and Pitch night. Where knitters, and crocheter(s?) go to stitch while at the park. That included an awesome free Mariner Moose bobblehead! I mean really, can this get any better? Of course it could, cause my sister and her family trucked down to the game too.

Hydroplane races rock!

Kevin learns to crochet

Cute Sophie

The Amazing soon to be famous blanket

Needless to say, we lost. But I drop spindled, knitted, and bought Mariners colored yarn! Absolutely cool!

Quote of the day: "People at school tell me the Mariners suck, I just tell them they're unlucky" - Cory, diehard M's fan in the making.

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